CAS RN: 505-60-2

Odor Threshold

1.30X10-3 mg/L (gas) (detection in air, chemically pure)
2.30X10-3 ppm (detection in air, purity not specified)
Odor 0.0150 mg/cu m (low) odor 0.0150 mg/cu m (high).
It is colorless and odorless, but when mixed with other chemicals, it becomes brown and has a garlic-like smell.
Olfactory fatigue, resulting in discontinued ability to detect the sulfur mustard odor, occurred within 3 - 8 minutes of initial exposure in subjects participating in sulfur mustard chamber tests. Due to the delayed symptoms and difficulties associated with detection by smell, individuals may not know that they are being exposed, and consequently, appropriate actions may not be taken.
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