CAS RN: 505-60-2

Range of Toxicity

A) TOXICITY: A little as 65 mcg has produced skin injury. Exposures are generally measured as concentration x time (Ct) as vapor. INHALATION: 100 to 200 mg-min/m(3) produces pulmonary injuries in 50% of exposed persons. There is an estimated 1% mortality at 150 mg-min/m(3). EYES: Eye injury can develop after exposures of 12 to 200 mg-min/m(3); however, eye lesions have been reported at a Ct of 10 mg-min/m(3). DERMAL: Doses up to 50 mcg/cm(2) on the skin cause erythema, edema, and small vesicles. Exposures at 50 to 150 mcg/cm(2) may produce bullous-type vesicles and larger doses may cause necrosis and ulceration with vesication. Cellular damage begins within 1 to 2 minutes of contact of mustard to skin or mucous membranes; clinical effects begin between 2 to 24 hours; onset is inversely proportional to the amount of mustard and other factors.
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