CAS RN: 541-25-3

Toxicity Summary

Vesicants affect both exterior and interior parts of the body. Vesicants cause inflammation, blisters, and general destruction of tissues. Vapors have a greater impact on moist areas of the body. Eyes are especially susceptible to vesicants. Inhalation of vesicants can cause lung membranes to swell and become filled with liquid (pulmonary edema). Death may result from lack of oxygen. Arsenical vesicants are also systemic agents and readily pass through the skin to affect susceptible tissue including blood cells and the liver. Arsenical vesicants also act as vomiting agents ... and produce violent sneezing and regurgitation. Arsenical vesicants should be considered carcinogenic. Vesicants are hazardous through inhalation, skin and eye exposure, ingestion, and abraded skin (e.g., breaks in the skin or penetration of skin by debris). Liquid agents are much more hazardous than their vapors. /Vesicants - Arsenic Based/
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