Methyl Isocyanate

CAS RN: 624-83-9

NFPA Hazard Classification

Methyl Isocyanate

Flammability: 3
Health: 4Instability: 2
Special: W

Health: 4 (Extreme)
Materials that, on very short exposure, could cause death or major residual injury, including those that are too dangerous to be approached without specialized protective equipment. A few whiffs of the vapor or gas can cause death, or contact with the vapor or liquid may be fatal, if it penetrates the fire fighter's normal protective gear. The normal full protective clothing and breathing apparatus available to the typical fire fighter will not provide adequate protection against inhalation or skin contact with these materials.

Flammability: 3 (Serious)
This degree includes Class IB and IC flammable liquids and materials that can be easily ignited under almost all normal temperature conditions. Water may be ineffective in controlling or extinguishing fires in such materials.

Instability: 2 (Moderate)
Materials that can undergo violent chemical changes at elevated temperatures and pressures. This also includes materials that may react violently with water or that may form potentially explosive mixtures with water. In advanced or massive fires involving these materials, fire fighting should be done from a safe distance or from a protected location.

Special: Water Reactive
Unusual reactivity with water; do not use water in either fire fighting or spill control response.

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