Methyl Isocyanate

CAS RN: 624-83-9

Cleanup Methods

Activated alumina is used as sorbent for hydrolytic removal of methyl isocyanate from waste gases.
Remove all ignition sources. Ventilate area of spill or leak. For small quantities, absorb on paper towels. Evaporate into safe place (such as fume hood). Allow sufficient time for evaporating vapors to completely clear the hood ductwork. Burn the paper in suitable location away from combustible materials. Large quantities can be reclaimed or collected and atomized in a suitable combustion chamber equipped with appropriate effluent gas cleaning device. Methyl isocyanate should not be allowed to enter a confined space, such as a sewer, because of the possibility of explosion.
Releases may require isolation or evacuation. Eliminate all ignition sources. Stop of control the leak, if this can be done without undue risk. Use water spray to cool and disperse vapors and protect personnel. Approach release from upwind. Absorb in non-combustible material for proper disposal.
Evacuate danger area! Consult an expert! Ventilation. Remove all ignition sources. Collect leaking liquid in sealable containers. Cautiously neutralize spilled liquid with caustic soda. Absorb remaining liquid in dry sand or inert absorbent and remove to safe place. Chemical protection suit including self-contained breathing apparatus. Do NOT let this chemical enter the environment.
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