Carbon monoxide

CAS RN: 630-08-0

Reactivities / Incompatibilities

May react vigorously with oxygen, acetylene, chlorine, fluorine, nitrous oxide.
Strong oxidizers, bromine trifluoride, chlorine trifluoride, lithium.
... Explosion /occurred/ during reduction of iron oxide with carbon monoxide /due to/ formation of pentacarbonyliron at temperatures between 0 and 150 deg C.
Carbon monoxide is exothermically oxidized over silver oxide, and the temperature may attain 300 deg C.
Synthesis gas (carbon monoxide + hydrogen) at 40 bar containing a low level of hydrogen sulfide was to be freed of the latter impurity by adding the theoretical quantity of oxygen and passing the mixture over a catalyst. Introduction of oxygen (from a supply at 60 bar) via a simple T-piece ... caused development of an intense inverse flame in the locally very high oxygen concentration which burned through the reactor side wall opposite the oxygen inlet and ejected a meter-long flame-jet.
Several explosions occurred during the preparation /of bis(fluoroformyl) peroxide/, which involves charging carbon monoxide into a mixture of fluorine and oxygen.
Aluminum powder burns when heated in carbon dioxide, and presence of aluminum chloride or aluminum iodide vapor in carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide accelerated the reaction to incandescence.
At temperatures ... above 30 deg C, explosions occurred /with bromine trifluoride and carbon monoxide/.
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