CAS RN: 1746-01-6

Soil Adsorption / Mobility

A mean log Koc of 7.39 was determined for ten contaminated soils from NJ and MO based on TCDD concentration in bulk soil and soil leachates(1). According to a classification scheme(2), this mean Koc value (2.45X10+7) suggests that TCDD is expected to be immobile in soil(SRC). TCDD dispersed only 10 cm from its initial position in soil plots at Eglin Air Force Base, Valparaiso, FL, observed over a 10 yr period (1972-1984)(3). TCDD remained in the upper 15 cm in soil cores collected from roadsides in Times Beach, MO in 1985 which had been sprayed with contaminated waste oils in the early 1970s(4). Tests conducted by the US Dept of Agric Pesticide Degradation Lab at Beltsville, MD determined that vertical movement of TCDD did not occur in a wide range of soil types(5). The mobility of TCDD in soil will increase if organic co-solvents that can solubilize TCDD are present in the soil(6).
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