Lithium, Elemental

CAS RN: 7439-93-2

Major Uses

As "getter" in vacuum tubes; manufacture of catalysts for polyolefin plastics; in fuels for aircraft, missiles.
In metallurgy, as degasifier, deoxidizer, desulfurizer; as grain refiner in non-ferrous metals.
Chem intermediate for butyllithium polymerization catalyst; in alloys with aluminum or magnesium for aerospace uses
Catalyst in mfr of synthetic rubber & multipurpose lubricants
Aluminum-lithium alloys; ethynylation reagent
Used as a chemical intermediate for the synthesis of n-butyllithium, lithium hydroxide
Production of tritium, reducing and hydrogenating agents, alloy hardeners, pharmaceuticals, Grignard reagents. Scavenger and degassifier for stainless and mild steels in molten state, modular iron, soaps and greases, deoxidizer in copper and copper alloys, heat-transfer liquid, storage batteries (with sulfur, selenium, tellurium, and chlorine). Rocket propellants, vitamine A synthesis, silver solders, underwater bouyancy devices, nuclear reactor coolent.
Rechargeable /lithium/ batteries.
The largest use of lithium metal is in the production of organometallic alkyl and aryl lithium compounds by reaction of lithium dispersions with the corresponding organohalides.
Lithium metal is becoming increasingly important as an alloying component; it is also used as a deoxidizing and desulfurizing agent, especially for copper, nickel, and alloy steels.
In production of organometallic alkyl and aryl lithium compounds; in production of high-strength, low-density aluminium alloys for the aircraft industry; extremely tough, low-density alloys with aluminum and magnesium used for armor plate and aerospace components. In polymerization catalysts for the polyolefin plastics industry; manufacture of high-strength glass and glass-ceramics. As anode in electrochemical cells and batteries; as chemical intermediate in organic syntheses. Lithium stearate as thickener and gelling agent to transform oils into lubricating greases.
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