CAS RN: 51-28-5

Protective Equip. / Clothing

Wear appropriate chemical protective clothing. /Dinitrophenol solutions/
Wear appropriate chemical protective gloves, boots, and goggles. /Dinitrophenol, wetted with at least 15% water/
Respirator Selection: Where there is potential for exposure to dinitrophenol, use a NIOSH/MSHA approved supplied-air respirator with a full facepiece operated in the positive pressure mode, or with a full facepiece, hood, or helmet in the continuous flow mode; or use a NIOSH/MSHA approved self-contained breathing apparatus with a full facepiece operated in pressure-demand or other positive pressure mode.
People exposed to the solid or to a strong soln should wear protective clothing, hand protection and, in confined spaces, the use of respiratory protective equipment. /Dinitrophenol/
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