Hydrogen Chloride

CAS RN: 7647-01-0

Environmental Fate

TERRESTRIAL FATE: If released to soil, hydrogen chloride will evaporate from dry soil surfaces and dissociate into chloride and hydronium ions in moist soil(1).
AQUATIC FATE: If released to water, hydrogen chloride dissociates readily in water to chloride and hydronium ions(1). The dissociation results in a decrease of the pH of the water(1). Volatilization from water surfaces is not expected(2) based upon a Henry's Law constant of 4.90X10-10 atm-cu m/mole(3). Hydrogen chloride does not build up in aquatic organisms(4).
ATMOSPHERIC FATE: Anhydrous hydrogen chloride released into the air will be in the vapor form. Once released to the environment it will react with atmospheric moisture and standing water to form hydrochloric acid(1). Hydrogen chloride is removed from air by wet deposition as chloride salts with an atmospheric lifetime of 1-5 days(2).
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