CAS RN: 7664-41-7

NFPA Hazard Classification


Flammability: 1
Health: 3Instability: 0
Special: None

Health: 3 (Serious)
Materials that, on short exposure, could cause serious temporary or residual injury, including those requiring protection from all bodily contact. Fire fighters may enter the area only if they are protected from all contact with the material. Full protective clothing, including self-contained breathing apparatus, coat, pants, gloves, boots, and bands around legs, arms, and waist, should be provided. No skin surface should be exposed.

Flammability: 1 (Slight)
This degree includes materials that must be preheated before ignition will occur, such as Class IIIB combustible liquids and solids and semi-solids whose flash point exceeds 200 deg F (93.4 deg C), as well as most ordinary combustible materials. Water may cause frothing if it sinks below the surface of the burning liquid and turns to steam. However, a water fog that is gently applied to the surface of the liquid will cause frothing that will extinguish the fire.

Instability: 0 (Minimal)
This degree includes materials that are normally stable, even under fire exposure conditions, and that do not react with water. Normal fire fighting procedures may be used.

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