Phosphorus, Elemental

CAS RN: 7723-14-0

Color / Form

Exists in three main allotropic forms: white, black, and red. The same liquid is obtained from all forms on melting.
Colorless or white, transparent, crystalline solid; waxy appearance; darkens on exposure to light. Sometimes called yellow phosphorus; color due to impurities. Two allotropic modifications: alpha-form exists at room temperature; cubic crystals containing P4 molecules; beta-form hexagonal crystals. /White phosphorus/
Yellow /allotropic form/: Colorless to yellow, wax-like solid.
Black /allotropic form/: Polymorphic; orthorhombic crystalline form; amorphous form.
Violet /allotropic form/: violet monoclinic
Red /allotropic form/: Red to violet powder; polymorphism.
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