Phosphorus, Elemental

CAS RN: 7723-14-0


Black: Insoluble in organic solvents; White: Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in benzene, ethanol, and chloroform, soluble in carbon disulfide; Red: Insoluble in water and organic solvents.
Solubilities in water: one part/300,000 parts water; in abs alc: one g/400 mL; in abs ether: one g/102 mL; in CHCl3: one g/40 mL; in benzene: one g/35 mL; in CS2: one g/0.8 mL. Solubility in oils: one gram phosphorus dissolves in 80 ml olive oil, 60 ml oil of turpentine, about 100 mL almond oil.
0.33 mg/100 g water at 15 deg C; 2.7 g/100 g benzene at 15 deg C; 89.8 g/100 g carbon disulfide at 10 deg C
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