Arsenic Trichloride

CAS RN: 7784-34-1

Threshold Limit Values

8 hr Time weighted Avg (TWA) 0.01 mg/cu m /Arsenic and inorganic compounds, as As/
Excursion Limit Recommendation: Excursions in worker exposure levels may exceed 3 times the TLV-TWA for no more than a total of 30 minutes during a work day, and under no circumstances should they exceed 5 times the TLV-TWA, provided that the TLV-TWA is not exceeded. /Arsenic and inorganic compounds, as As/
A1: Confirmed human carcinogen. /Arsenic and inorganic compounds, as As/
BEI (Biological Exposure Index): Determinant: Inorganic arsenic plus methylated metabolites in urine; Sampling Time: end of workweek; BEI: 35 ug As/L. The determinant may be present in biological specimens collected from subjects who have not been occupationally exposed, at a concentration which could affect interpretation of the result. Such background concentrations are incorporated in the BEI value. /Arsenic, elemental and soluble inorganic compounds/
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