CAS RN: 7784-42-1

Other Properties

Colorless neutral gas
Dissociation pressure at 0 deg C = 0.806 atmosphere; decomposes when heated at 300 deg C, depositing arsenic. On exposure to light, moist arsine decomposes quickly depositing shiny black arsenic.
Decomposes at 230 deg C
Thermally unstable
Conversion factors: 1 mg/cu m is equivalent to 0.313 ppm, 1 ppm is equivalent to 3.2 mg/cu m at 25 deg C, 760 mm Hg
Exceedingly poisonous
At temperatures below -10 deg C or under pressure arsine hexahydrate, AsH3.6H2O, is formed. ... starts to decompose into its elements well below 300 deg C. If moisture is present, light effects decomposition.
One mole of AsH3 = 0.077946 kg; Specific volume at 21.1 deg C, 101.325 kPa; Triple point: 156.22 K, -116.9 deg C, -178.5 deg F; Latent heat of fusion at -116.9 deg C: 3.665 kcal/kg; Thermal conductivity of the gas at 101.325 kPa at 0 deg C: 0.008912 W/(m K), 21.3X10-6 cal/(s cm deg C); Heat capacity: 60.722 J/(mol K), 14.513 cal/(mol deg C); Entropy: 130.520 J/(mol K), 31.195 cal/(mol deg C); Free energy function: -75.856 J/(mol K), 18.130 cal/(mol deg C); Enthalpy function: 54.664 J/(mol K), 13.065 cal/(mol deg C)
Vapor pressure: 1 mm Hg at -142.6 deg C (solid); 10 mm Hg at -124.7 deg C (solid); 40 mm Hg at -110.2 deg C; 100 mm Hg at -98.0 deg C; 400 mm Hg at -75.2 deg C.
Can explode on contact with warm, dry air.
Must be stored in a glass lined cannister; steel lined cannisters will cause decomposition.
Arsine hydrolyzes rapidly in water to arsenic acids and hydrides.
Volatility is 30,900 g/min/cu m at 0 deg C.
Latent heat of vaporization: 53.7 cal/g at -62.5 deg C.
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