CAS RN: 7784-42-1

Carcinogenicity Evidence

Classification of carcinogenicity: 1) evidence in humans: sufficient; 2) evidence in animals: limited. Overall summary evaluation of carcinogenic risk to humans is Group 1: Carcinogenic to humans. NOTE: This evaluation applies to the group of chemicals as a whole and not necessarily to all individual chemicals within the group. /Arsenic and arsenic compounds/
CLASSIFICATION: A; human carcinogen.
BASIS FOR CLASSIFICATION: Based on sufficient evidence from human data. An increased lung cancer mortality was observed in multiple human populations exposed primarily through inhalation. Also, increased mortality from multiple internal organ cancers (liver, kidney, lung, and bladder) and an increased incidence of skin cancer were observed in populations consuming drinking water high in inorganic arsenic.
ANIMAL CARCINOGENICITY DATA: Inadequate. /Inorganic Arsenic/ /based on former classification system/
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