CAS RN: 9009-86-3

Other Properties

Isoelectric point: 7.1
"Ricin", the original term for the mixed extract, is now used in various ways. Two ricin agglutinins and two toxins have been identified. All four lectins consist of two different polypeptide chains joined by a disulfide bond; the toxins are dimers of an A-chain (30,000 Da) and a B-chain (33,000 Da) and the agglutinins occur as a tetramer composed of two 30,000 and two 33,000 mol wt subunits.
Ricin is detoxified in 10 mins at 80 deg C and in 1 hr at 50 deg C; it is stable under ambient conditions.
Odorless, tasteless /Toxins/
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