Mercuric Nitrate

CAS RN: 10045-94-0

Cleanup Methods

Land spill: Dig a pit, pond, lagoon, holding area to contain liquid or solid material. /SRP: If time permits, pits, ponds, lagoons, soak holes, or holding areas should be sealed with an impermeable flexible membrane liner./ Cover solids with a plastic sheet to prevent dissolving in rain or fire fighting water.
Water spill: Add dilute caustic soda (NaOH). IF dissolved, apply sodium sulfide (Na2S) solutuion to precipate heavy metals. If dissolved in region of 10 ppm or greater concentration, apply activated carbon at ten times the spilled amt. Use mechanical dredges or lifts to remove immobolized masses of pollutants and precipitates. Allow to aerate.
Mercury spills should be cleaned up immediately by use of a special vacuum cleaner. Then the area should be washed with a dilute calcium sulfide solution. Small quantities of mercury can be picked up by mixing with copper metal granules. ... /Mercury/
Mercury removal from waste water can be accomplished by these processes: BMS process; Chlorine is added to the waste water, oxidizing any mercury present to the ionic state. The BMS adsorbent (an activated carbon concentrate of sulfur cmpd on its surface) is used to collect ionic mercury. The spent adsorbent is then distilled to recover the mercury, leaving a carbon residue for reuse or disposal. TMR IMAC Process; Waste water is fed into a reactor, whereby a slight excess of chlorine is maintained, oxidizing any mercury present to ionic mercury. The liquid is then passed through the TMR IMAC ion-exchange resin where mercury ions are adsorbed. The mercury is then stripped from the spent resin with hydrochloric acid solution. /Mercury cmpds/
Spilled mercury cmpd or soln can be cleaned up by any method that does not cause excessive airborne contamination or skin contact. /mercury compounds/
1) Ventilate area of spill. 2) Collect spilled material for reclamation using commercially available mercury vapor depressants or specialized vacuum cleaners. /Inorganic mercury/
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