CAS RN: 111-30-8

Major Uses

For glutaraldehyde (USEPA/OPP Pesticide Code: 043901) ACTIVE products with label matches. /SRP: Registered for use in the U.S. but approved pesticide uses may change periodically and so federal, state and local authorities must be consulted for currently approved uses./
Microscopy/histology. Glutaraldehyde is used as a tissue fixative in histology and electron and light microscopy, generally as a 1.5-6% aqueous solution. Aquaculture. Glutaraldehyde is used, generally in conjunction with wetting agents, to control viruses and other micro-organisms in fish farming. Cosmetics. Glutaraldehyde is allowed as a preservative in cosmetics in Europe at concentrations up to 0.1%. It is not allowed in aerosols and sprays.
Embalming fluid
Intermediate; fixative for tissues; cross-linking protein and polyhydroxy materials, tanning of soft leathers.
Glutaraldehyde is a biocide commonly used in a 2% concentration for cold sterilization (desinfection) of surgical and dental equipment ...
Glutaral is used as a chemical intermediate and in the manufacture of adhesives, sealants, and electrical products
Glutaral can be used to prepare vaccines.
Glutaral is approved for use by members of the European Union as a preservative for cosmetic products at a maximum concentration of 0.1%.
Algaecide, bacteriocide and fungicide.
Disinfectant; in sterilization of endoscopic instruments; ... fixative for electron microscopy.
Gelatine hardening agent; biocide (cosmetics, water treatment, oilfield applications); leather tannive auxiliary
Biocides, such as glutaraldehyde, are added to eliminate bacterial growth in fracturing fluids
Hydraulic fracturing uses a specially blended liquid which is pumped into a well under extreme pressure causing cracks in rock formations underground. These cracks in the rock then allow oil and natural gas to flow, increasing resource production. ... Although there are dozens to hundreds of chemicals which could be used as additives, there are a limited number which are routinely used in hydraulic fracturing. ... Chemical Name: Glutaraldehyde; Chemical Purpose: Eliminates bacteria in the water that produces corrosive by-products; Product Function: Biocide.
Both oil base and water base fracturing fluids are being used in the fracturing industry. Water base, which includes alcohol-water mixtures and low strength acids, make up the majority of treating fluids. The common chemicals added to these fluids are polymers for viscosity development, crosslinkers for viscosity enhancement, pH control chemicals, gel breakers for polymer degradation following the treatment, surfactants, clay stabilizers, alcohol, bactericides, fluid loss additives and friction reducer. /Hydraulic fracturing/
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