CAS RN: 111-30-8

Other Properties

Boiling point: 106-108 deg C at 50 mm Hg, 71-72 deg C at 10 mm Hg
Vapor pressure (20 deg C): 0.0152 torr (50% aqueous solution); 0.0012 torr (2% aqueous solution)
Polymerizes in water to a glassy form which regenerates the dialdehyde on vacuum distillation.
/Glutaraldehyde/ is only stable at acidic pH values and tends to polymerize in alkaline media.
Conversion factors: 1 mg/l= 245 ppm; 1 ppm= 4.1 mg/cu m
Henry's Law constant = 3.30X10-8 atm-cu m/mol at 25 deg C
Hydroxyl radical reaction rate constant = 2.52X10-11 cu cm/molecule-sec at 25 deg C
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