CAS RN: 111-30-8

Threshold Limit Values

Ceiling Limit: 0.05 ppm, sensitizer. /Glutaraldehyde, activated and inactivated/
A4; Not classifiable as a human carcinogen.
2014 Notice of Intended Changes (NIC) - Updates of Sensitizer (SEN) Notations to Dermal Sensitizer (DSEN) and/or Respiratory Sensitizer (RSEN). The following substance is placed on the NIC for review of this notation only. Substance: Glutaraldehyde (CAS No. 111-30-8), activated or unactivated; TWA: None; STEL: Ceiling 0.05 ppm); Notations: DSEN, RSEN, A4; Molecular Weight: 100.11; TLV Basis: URT (upper respiratory tract), skin and eye irritation; CNS impairment.
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