CAS RN: 111-30-8

Skin / Eye / Resp. Irritants

A severe eye and human skin irritant.
Contact with liquid causes severe irritation of eyes and irritation of skin.
Glutaraldehyde vapor or mist can be a strong irritant or corrosive to the eyes, nose throat, and lungs.
Eye and respiratory irritation are noted at a level of 0.3 ppm.
The critical effects /of glutaraldehyde exposure/ are eye, skin, and respiratory irritation, skin sensitization and occupational asthma. Nose and throat irritation has been observed in humans at vapor concentrations below 0.2 ppm. Occupational asthma has also been reported in workers exposed to dilute solutions of glutaraldehyde ... Contact dermatitis and eye irritation have been reported in workers using glutaraldehyde solutions, usually 2% or higher. Skin sensitization has been confirmed in workers using dilute solutions.
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