CAS RN: 111-30-8

Soil Adsorption / Mobility

Aqueous solutions of [14C] glutaraldehyde in 0.01 M calcium chloride were prepared at concentrations of 0.51, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, and 10.3 g/L and used to determine the adsorption/desorption characteristics of glutaraldehyde in various soil types according to FIFRA 163-1 guidelines(1). Measured Koc values were 210, 500, 340, 460, and 120 in sandy loam, silty clay loam, silt loam, loamy sand, and sediment, respectively(1). Batch adsorption studies determined Koc values of 22.2, 18.9 and 5.1 in New York loam, Nebraska silt loam and Highview clay loam soils respectively(3). According to a classification scheme(2), these Koc values suggest that glutaraldehyde is expected to have very high to moderate mobility in soil.
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