Sulfur, Elemental

CAS RN: 7704-34-9

Reactivities / Incompatibilities

Reacts with oxidizing materials.
The reaction of ammonia with specially prepared sulfur may form explosive sulfur nitride. Ammonium nitrate mixed with sulfur ... can be exploded by shock. ... Mixtures of ammonium perchlorate with sulfur ... are impact sensitive.
Mixture of barium carbide and sulfur heated at 150 deg C becomes incandescent ... Mixture of sulfur and barium chlorate ignites at about 108-111 deg C. ... Calcium carbide reacts incandescently with sulfur vapors at 500 deg C. ... Calcium phosphide reacts with sulfur incandescently at about 300 deg C.
Powdered sulfur is spontaneously flammable when mixed with lampblack or freshly calcined charcoal. ... A piece of sulfur ... takes fire spontaneously in chlorine dioxide and may produce an explosion ... Flowers-of-sulfur moistened with chromyl chloride ignites spontaneously. ... Mixture of sulfur & lead chlorate ignites @ about 63-67 deg C.
Combination of finely divided sulfur & finely divided bromates (also chlorates or iodates) of barium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, or zinc will explode with heat, percussion, & sometimes, light friction.
Mixture of damp sulfur & calcium hypochlorite produced brilliant crimson flash with scattering of molten sulfur. ... Equal parts of sulfur & bleach powder produced an explosion when heated in closed vessel. ... Mixture of chlorates & sulfur will explode.
Sulfur-plus-chlorate explosion is remarkably spontaneous in presence of copper ion or copper, e.g., in the form of bronze screen, even at room temp. ... Sulfur & chromic anhydride ignite when heated & can explode. ... Even small percentages of hydrocarbons in contact with molten sulfur generate hydrogen sulfide & carbon disulfide, which may accumulate in explosive concentration. ... Mixture of sulfur & lead chlorite will explode.
An explosive reaction /sulfur & silver bromate/ occurs in the presence of water. A mixture of sulfur & silver chlorate ignites @ about 74 deg C. ... When finely divided sulfur is ground with silver oxide, the mixture ignites. ... Solid sulfur will ignite if mixed with solid sodium chlorite & moistened.
Lithium carbide burns in vapors of sulfur ... Mixture with mercurous oxide will ignite from light impact. Powdered nickel heated with sulfur ... Reacts with incandescence. Mixture of sulfur & potassium chlorate ignites at about 160-162 deg C. ... Mixture of /sulfur, potassium nitrate & arsenic trisulfide/ is a known pyrotechnic formulation.
A mixture of sulfur & lead dioxide will explode. ... An explosion occurred in use of mercuric nitrate for determining sulfur in ball's reaction. When mercuric oxide is heated with sulfur in retort, violent explosion results. ... All inorganic perchlorates can form mixtures with sulfur that will explode on impact. ... The reaction /between sulfur & phosphorus trioxide/ is violent ...
... /Potassium perchlorate & sulfur/ mixture, used in flashcrackers, can be exploded by moderately strong impact. When powdered sulfur is heated with potassium permanganate, an explosion may occur. Mixture of silver nitrate & sulfur explodes when struck with hammer.
Sodium hydride reacts vigorously with sulfur vapor. ... Familiar black powder explosion begins with reaction, sulfur-plus-sodium-nitrate, which produces energy to initiate carbon-plus-sodium-nitrate explosion. ... Strontium carbide ... Exposed to sulfur vapor at 500 deg C, becomes incandescent.
Thorium when heated with sulfur reacts vigorously with incandescence. Sulfur vapor attacks heated thorium carbide ... With incandescence. Reaction between tin & sulfur is vigorous & accompanied by incandescence. ... Powdered zinc & sulfur react explosively when warmed.
A mixture of aluminum, niobium oxide and sulfur caused a serious fire. ... Two explosions occurred in mixtures containing aluminum dust, nitrates, water, sulfur, and vegetable glues.
A mixture of boron and sulfur becomes incandescent at 600 deg C.
Bromine pentafluoride reacts readily in the cold with ... sulfur ... ignition usually occurs.
Even at 10 deg C, bromine trifluoride reacts with ... /sulfur/ incandescently.
A mixture of calcium and sulfur, when ignited reacts explosively. Calcium burns in sulfur vapor with a brilliant flame. ... A mixture of calcium and vanadium oxide that was contaminated with sulfur and some moisture caused a severe fire.
Mere contact of chlorine monoxide gas with ... sulfur ... is attended by a violent explosion.
Chlorine trifluoride reacts vigorously with ... sulfur ... producing flame.
... Sulfur ignites in fluorine gas at ordinary temp.
When indium is heated with sulfur, the elements unite with incandescence.
Iodine pentafluoride reacts spontaneously with sulfur... usually with incandescence.
Iodine pentaoxide reacts explosively when warmed with ... sulfur ... .
The reaction of lithium and sulfur is very violent when either is molten, starting with explosive violence.
... Sulfur burns vigorously in nitrogen dioxide.
Sulfur and palladium react with incandescence.
When a mixture of sulfur and yellow phosphorus is warmed, the two elements unite in all proportions with vivid combustion and powerful explosions.
A mixture of potassium and ... /stannic iodide (with sulfur)/ produces a strong explosion on impact ...
Potassium nitride unites with sulfur ... when heated, forming a highly flammable mixture. ... Rubidium acetylene carbide ignites in contact with molten sulfur.
When sulfur is rubbed with sodium, the reaction proceeds with explosive violence.
A mixture of sodium and ... /stannic iodide (with sulfur)/ produces a strong explosion on impact ... .
A mixture of thallic oxide and ... sulfur explodes when ground in a mortar.
Uranium reacts with incandescence with ... sulfur (boiling).
Evaporation of an ethereal extract of sulfur caused an explosion ... .
Interaction /between sulfur & tetraphenyllead/ may be explosive.
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