Amosite asbestos

CAS RN: 12172-73-5

Other Properties

Amosite Physical Properties
Property Value
Luster vitreous to pearly
Mohs hardness 5.5-6.0
Optical properties biaxial positive parallel extinction
Flexibility fair
Texture course but somewhat pliable
Tensile strength MPa 1500-2600
Surface charge, mV -20 to -40
Decomposition temp, deg C 600-900
Space Group: C2/M; Cation in M4 Site: Fe+-Mg
Cell lattice dimension: A = 9.6; B = 18.3; C = 5.3; beta = 102 deg; cleavage: (110) good = 55 deg /Cummingtonite-grunerite/
Electron microscope studies of amosite asbestos fibers reveal narrow bands of polysynthetic twinning and triple chains interlayered with the usual double chain structure of the amphiboles; most of the natural asbestos (amosite) fibers have orthorhombic optical properties of several microns
Approx min fiber width: 1500 angstroms (UICC reference samples (Unio Internationale Contra Cancrum))
Binds well with plastics
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