Amosite asbestos

CAS RN: 12172-73-5

Range of Toxicity

A) TOXICITY: Low-level exposures or occupational exposure for under two years were not associated with increased mortality. Asbestosis has rarely been reported with intense exposure of only one day's duration. Lowest observed adverse effect levels (LOAELs) for systemic effects, determined from human inhalation studies, range from 25 to 54 fiber-year/mL (f-yr/mL, obtained by multiplying years of exposure times the average air concentration in fibers/mL) for intermediate exposure duration of 15 to 364 days. At the chronic exposure duration level (365 days or more), LOAELs ranged from 20 to 207 f-yr/mL for less serious systemic effects (those not expected to cause significant dysfunction or death or the significance is not entirely clear) and from 15 to 1271 f-yr/mL for serious systemic effects (those that evoke failure in a biological system and can lead to morbidity or mortality). LOAELs for cancer from chronic inhalation exposure, based on human studies, ranged from 5 to 1050 f-yr/mL.
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