Acrylic acid

CAS RN: 79-10-7

Reactivities / Incompatibilities

React readily with electrophilic, free-radical, and nucleophilic agent
Acrylic acid is a strong corrosive agent to many metals, such as unalloyed steel, copper, and brass. Frequently the hydrolysis of such metallic materials generates a deep discoloration in acrylic acid. Polyvalent metal salts formed during hydrolytic reactions could also induce polymerization. Therefore, under no circumstances should acrylic acid be stored or transported with equipment which contains the above-mentioned metals. Acrylic acid does not affect stainless steel.
Incompatible materials: Strong oxidizing agents, Strong bases, Oxygen, Polymerizing initiators, Peroxides
Reacts violently in contact with acids, amines, driers, polymerization accelerators and easily oxidized materials. Polymerization can occur.
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