Actinium, Radioactive

Shipment Methods / Regulations

Regulating the safety of ... shipments /of radioactive materials/ is the joint responsibility of the NRC and the Department of Transportation (DOT). The NRC establishes requirements for the design and manufacture of packages for radioactive materials. The DOT regulates the shipments while they are in transit and sets standards for labeling these packages and for smaller quantity packages. /Radioactive materials/
The NRC requires that radioactive materials be packaged for shipment to protect the public in case of an accident. The kind of packaging required depends on the amounts and types of radioactive elements in the waste. Low-level waste is shipped in containers designed to meet stringent NRC and DOT standards. Most low-level waste contains low enough levels of radioactivity to be shipped in strong, tight containers or DOT Type A containers. (Type A and B shipping containers bear no relation to NRC Class A, B and C waste forms.) Type A containers must be able to withstand ordinary transportation conditions. /Radioactive materials/
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