Actinium, Radioactive

Cleanup Methods

Many radionuclides in low-level waste decay to safe levels within a relatively short time. When wastes are safely stored at their generation sites for a few days to a few years (depending on half-life and available storage space), the radioactivity may be reduced to safe background levels /reducing requirements for further treatment before disposal/.
In most cases of contamination of equipment and buildings, a mixture of normal housecleaning methods will remove the material. Vacuum cleaners that can handle wet material and have high-efficiency filters are particularly useful. Some surfaces may require repeated scrubbing and vacuuming before they are free of contamination. /Radioactive materials/
In most cases, contamination should be controlled, and removed as soon as possible. The contaminated area or equipment should be marked and posted immediately. Nonessential persons should be moved out of the area until decontamination has been completed. Usually simple cleaning techniques and procedures are adequate for most decontamination tasks. Spills and contaminated areas should be cleaned from the outer region inward to reduce the possibility of further spread of the contamination. After cleaning, the area or equipment should be surveyed to ensure that all the contamination has been removed.
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