CAS RN: 75-07-0

Skin / Eye / Resp. Irritants

Corrosive. Causes severe eye and skin burns. ... Iritating to skin, eyes, and respiratory system. ...
Eye irritation sensitive persons: 25 ppm 15 min; eye irritation: 50 ppm 15 min; irritation of respiratory tract: 134 ppm 30 min; irritation of nose and throat: 200 ppm 15 min.
According to studies on humans and animals, acetaldehyde is mildly irritating to the eyes and the upper respiratory tract. In limited studies on human volunteers, acetaldehyde was mildly irritating to the eyes and upper respiratory tract. Cutaneous erythema has also been observed in the patch testing of humans.
All of the 14 humans exposed in controlled studies to acetaldehyde vapor at 135 ppm (240 mg/cu m) for 30 minutes reported mild irritation to the upper respiratory tract.
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