Nerve Agents

Transfer to Medical Facility


Transfer to Medical Facility

Only decontaminated patients or patients not requiring decontamination should be transported to a medical facility. "Body bags" are not recommended.

If a nerve agent containing solution has been ingested, prepare the ambulance in case the victim vomits toxic material. Have ready several towels and open plastic bags to quickly clean up and isolate.

Patients exposed to vapor who have miosis and rhinorrhea will need no care unless:

(a) They have eye or head pain or nausea and vomiting; under these circumstances topical atropine or homatropine in the eye should relieve the symptoms and the patient can be discharged within an hour or so.

(b) The rhinorrhea is very severe; under these circumstances, atropine IM (2 mg in adults and 0.05 mg/kg in children) should relieve this and the patient can be discharged in an hour or so.

Topical atropine and homatropine should not be used routinely for miosis because they cause visual impairment for about 24 hours. The patient's names, addresses, and telephone numbers should be recorded. They should be advised to seek medical care promptly if symptoms develop or recur (see Patient Information Sheet Follow-up instructions in PDF format).

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