CAS RN: 106-98-9

Major Uses

/1-Butene/ is used for the production of a wide variety of chemicals in the gasoline and rubber processing areas.
Polymer & alkylate gasoline; polybutenes; butadiene; int for C4 & C5 aldehydes, alcohols & other deriv; production of maleic anhydride by catalytic oxidation
Comonomer for high density polyethylene for blow-molding resins; monomer for polybutene used in plastic pipe & film; int for 1,2-butylene oxide
More than half of the butenes produced world-wide are utilized as alkylate and polymer gasoline. One third is used without any conversion as fuel, mainly as fuel gas or blendstock for gasoline. Only about 15% of the butenes are converted to specific chemicals. In North America, nearly 80% of butenes are converted into alkylate gasoline, whereas alkylate gasoline plays a lesser role in other regions. Most /1-butene/ is used as a comonomer for linear low-density polyethylene, which contains up to 10%. However, 1-butene is also used as a comonomer for modifying high-density polyethylene, which contains up to 4%.
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