Lead Acetate

CAS RN: 301-04-2


Acetate de plomb (French)
Acetato do plomo (Spanish)
Acetic acid, lead(2+) salt
Acetic acid, lead(II) salt
Arseniato de plomo (Spanish)
Black marking ink, 105E
Bleiacetat (German)
Caswell No 523A
Dibasic lead acetate
EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 048001
Lead(2+) acetate
Lead(II) acetate
Lead acetate (Pb(AC)2)
Lead acetate (Pb(O2C2H3)2)
Lead acetate(II), trihydrate
Lead bis(acetate)
Lead diacetate
Lead dibasic acetate
Multilayer dielectric ink HD
Neutral lead aceate
Normal lead acetate
Plumbous acetate
Salt of Saturn
Sugar of lead
Unichem PBA
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