Lead Acetate

CAS RN: 301-04-2

Major Uses

Varnishes; lead driers; chrome pigments; gold cyanidation process; mfr insecticide, antifouling paints; analytical reagent /Lead acetate trihydrate/
Preparation of basic lead carbonate and lead chromate, as a mordant in cotton dyes, as a reagent in the manufacture of lead salts of higher fatty acids, as a water repellant, as a component in combined toning and fixing baths for daylight printing papers, and as a means of treating awnings and outdoor furniture to prevent removal of mildew- and rot-proofing agents by rain or laundering. Preparation of rubber antioxidants; processing agent in the cosmetic, perfume, and toiletry industries; component of coloring agents for adhesives; and preparation of organic lead soaps as driers of paints and inks.
Mordant in cotton dyes; lead coating for metals; drier in paints, varnishes and pigment inks; colorant in hair dyes. Weighting silks; manuf lead salts, chrome-yellow; also for various analytical procedures, e.g. detection of sulfide, determination of CrO3, MoO3.
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