Lead Acetate

CAS RN: 301-04-2

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool, dry place and keep tightly covered and avoid contact with oxidizers, strong acids, chemically active metals. A regulated, marked area should be established where this chemical is handled, used, or stored ...
Keep well closed. /Lead acetate trihydrate/
PRECAUTIONS FOR "CARCINOGENS": Storage site should be as close as practicable to lab in which carcinogens are to be used, so that only small quantities required for ... expt need to be carried. Carcinogens should be kept in only one section of cupboard, an explosion proof refrigerator or freezer (depending on chemicophysical properties ...) that bears appropriate label. An inventory ... should be kept, showing quantity of carcinogen & date it was acquired ... Facilities for dispensing ... should be contiguous to storage area. /Chemical Carcinogens/
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