Lead Acetate

CAS RN: 301-04-2

Threshold Limit Values

8 hr Time Weighted Avg (TWA): 0.05 mg/cu m. /Lead, and inorganic compounds, as Pb/
Excursion Limit Recommendation: Excursions in worker exposure levels may exceed three times the TLV-TWA for no more than a total of 30 min during a work day, and under no circumstances should they exceed five times the TLV-TWA, provided that the TLV-TWA is not exceeded. /Lead, inorganic compounds, as Pb/
A3; Confirmed animal carcinogen with unknown relevance to humans.
Biological Exposure Index (BEI): Determinant: lead in blood; Sampling Time: not critical; BEI: 30 ug/100 mL. [Note: Women of child bearing potential, whose blood Pb exceeds 10 ug/dL, are at risk of delivering a child with a blood Pb over the current Centers for Disease Control guideline of 10 ug/dL. If the blood Pb of such children remains elevated, they may be at increased risk of cognitive deficits. The blood Pb of these children should be closely monitored and appropriate steps should be taken to minimize the child's exposure to environmental lead.] /Lead, and inorganic compounds, as Pb/
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