Sodium Sulfate

CAS RN: 7757-82-6

Other Properties

Transition point to anhyd form is 24.4 deg C; white, rhombic or tetragonal; 19.5 g/100 cc water at 0 deg C, 44 g/100 cc water at 20 deg C /heptahydrate/
Density: 1.46; loses all its water at 100 deg C; efflorescent crystals or granules; odorless; aq soln is neutral; ph 6 to 7.5; sol in 1.5 parts water at 25 deg C, in 3.3 parts water at 15 deg C (solubility in water decr by sodium chloride); sol in glycerol; insol in alc /decahydrate/
Transparent, monoclinic crystals; mp: 32.38 deg C; index of refraction: 1.394, 1.396, 1.398 /decahydrate/
Objectionable taste /decahydrate/
4.76 g/100 cc water at 0 deg C, 42.7 g/100 cc water at 100 deg C; sol in glycerol; insol in alc; index of refraction: 1.484, 1.477, 1.471 /natural thenardite/
Latent heat of fusion: 24.4 Kj at melting point.
Heat of formation: -1387 Kj/mole
Entropy: 149.6 J/(mole x K)
Heat of solution: 1.17 Kj/mole at 18 deg C
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