Acetyl Chloride

CAS RN: 75-36-5

Fire Fighting Procedures

Evacuate surrounding area.
If material on fire or involved in fire: Do not extinguish fire unless flow can be stopped or safely confined. Use dry chemical or carbon dioxide. Do not use water on material itself. If large quantities of combustibles are involved, use water in flooding quantities as spray and fog. Use water spray to knock-down vapors. Cool all affected containers with flooding quantities of water. Apply water from as far a distance as possible.
DO NOT use water or foam directly on spilled material. Violent reaction may result. Use dry chemical or carbon dioxide only. Approach fire from upwind to avoid hazardous vapors and toxic decomposition products. Fight fire from protected location or maximum possible distance.
Evacuation: If fire becomes uncontrollable or container is exposed to direct flame - consider evacuation of one-third (1/3) mile radius.
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