Acetyl Chloride

CAS RN: 75-36-5

Protective Distance

IF THERE IS A FIRE, or IF A FIRE IS INVOLVED, go directly to the ERG guide page and use the evacuation information shown under PUBLIC SAFETY.

Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances
ID MATERIAL Small Spills
(From a small package or small leak from a large package)
Large Spills
(From a large package or many small packages)
TIH Gases(es) produced when spilled in water
First ISOLATE in all Directions Then PROTECT Downwind First ISOLATE in all Directions Then PROTECT Downwind
Day Night Day Night
1717 Acetyl chloride (when spilled in water) 100 ft 0.1 mi 0.1 mi 300 ft 0.6 mi 1.6 mi Hydrogen chloride (HCl)

To plot a protective action distance, first specify a location and wind direction below. Once a distance is plotted, you can drag the spill or right click the map to move the spill to a new location.
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  • If a fire is not involved
  • If a fire is involved
Wind Direction
Select the direction of the wind at your location.
Wind Rose Wind Arrow
Is the material involved in a fire?
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