Allyl Chloride

CAS RN: 107-05-1

Major Uses

In the synthesis of allyl compounds.
Synthesis of intermediates for manufacture of polymers, resins, & plastics
Thermosetting resins for varnishes, plastics, adhesives; synthesis of pharmaceuticals & insecticides.
Chemical intermediate for diuretics
Chemical intermediate for allyl alcohol (former use)
Chemical intermediate for allyl starch (former use)
Used as a chemical intermediate for epichlorohydrin, sodium allyl sulphonate, a series of allyl amines and quaternary ammonium salts, allyl ethers and a variety of alcohols, phenols and polyols
Used to produce barbiturate and hypnotic agents such as aprobarbital, butalbital methohexital sodium, secobarbital, talbutal and thiamyl sodium
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