Ethylene Oxide

CAS RN: 75-21-8

Skin / Eye / Resp. Irritants

Ethylene oxide is irritating to the eyes, respiratory tract, and skin.
Exposure to high concentrations of ethylene oxide vapor or eye splashes of concentrated solutions can cause eye irritation, inflammation of the eye membrane and corneal injury. Exposure to ethylene oxide has also been linked to the development of cataracts.
Aqueous solutions of ethylene oxide or solutions formed when the anhydrous cmpd comes in contact with moist skin are irritating and may lead to a severe dermatitis with blisters, blebs and burns. It is also absorbed by leather and rubber and may produce burns or irritation. Allergic eczematous dermatitis has also been reported. Exposure to the vapor in high concn leads to irritation of the eyes. Severe eye damage may result if the liquid is splashed in the eyes. Large amounts of ethylene oxide evaporating from the skin may cause frostbite.
Irritating to skin, eyes, and respiratory system.
The vapors are irritating to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. /Ethylene oxide or ethylene oxide with nitrogen/
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