CAS RN: 4685-14-7

Cleanup Methods

SRP: Wastewater from contaminant suppression, cleaning of protective clothing/equipment, or contaminated sites should be contained and evaluated for subject chemical or decomposition product concentrations. Concentrations shall be lower than applicable environmental discharge or disposal criteria. Alternatively, pretreatment and/or discharge to a permitted wastewater treatment facility is acceptable only after review by the governing authority and assurance that "pass through" violations will not occur. Due consideration shall be given to remediation worker exposure (inhalation, dermal and ingestion) as well as fate during treatment, transfer and disposal. If it is not practicable to manage the chemical in this fashion, it must be evaluated in accordance with EPA 40 CFR Part 261, specifically Subpart B, in order to determine the appropriate local, state and federal requirements for disposal.
Avoid exposure by the use of appropriate protective clothing, gloves, and goggles or masks. Keep spectators away from leaking or spilled product and prevent smoking, and the use of naked flames, in the immediate vicinity ... Prevent liquid from spreading to other cargo, vegetation, or waterways by containing it with the most readily available barrier material, e.g., earth or sand. Absorb spilled liquid and cover contaminated areas with earth, lime, sand, or other absorbent material; sweep up and place in a secure container for subsequent safe disposal. Spillage: Avoid exposure by the use of appropriate protective clothing and face-shield. Empty any product remaining in damaged or leaking containers into a clean empty drum and label. Absorb spillage with lime, damp sawdust, sand, or earth and dispose of safely ... If spillage is large, contain it by building a barrier of earth or sandbags. Decontaminate empty, damaged, or leaking containers with a 10% sodium carbonate solution, added at the rate of at least 1 L per 20 L drum. Puncture or crush containers to prevent reuse.
If paraquat is spilled, ... ventilate area of spill. Collect spilled material in the most convenient and safe manner and deposit in sealed containers for reclamation. Liquid containing paraquat should be absorbed in vermiculite, dry sand, earth, or a similar material.
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