Fourth Generation Agents

Waste Management

Trash Can

Disposal Considerations: Waste Management

  • Waste management should immediately be considered when generating waste. Once the incident is determined to involve FGAs, responders should minimize waste generation and segregate types of waste (PPE, liquids, etc.). FGAs can persist for extremely long periods of time on materials and effluent liquids such as water, so treat waste materials as hazardous and extremely toxic.
  • Waste should be secured for law enforcement purposes prior to disposal.
  • PPE, equipment that cannot be adequately decontaminated, and other material that has been contaminated by the nerve agent should be disposed per an incident specific waste management plan which may include incineration or other approved methods.
  • Once the lifesaving efforts are under control, the incident command, along with a site-specific health and safety plan, should develop a comprehensive waste management plan prior to any formal cleanup.
  • Consult with experts for disposal recommendations.
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