CAS RN: 75-44-5

Protective Distance

IF THERE IS A FIRE, or IF A FIRE IS INVOLVED, go directly to the ERG guide page and use the evacuation information shown under PUBLIC SAFETY.

Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances
ID MATERIAL Small Spills
(From a small package or small leak from a large package)
Large Spills
(From a large package or many small packages)
First ISOLATE in all Directions Then PROTECT Downwind First ISOLATE in all Directions Then PROTECT Downwind
Day Night Day Night
-- CG (when used as a weapon) 500 ft 0.5 mi 2 mi 3,000 ft 4.7 mi 7+ mi
1076 Phosgene 300 ft 0.4 mi 1.5 mi 1,500 ft 1.8 mi 5.7 mi

To plot a protective action distance, first specify a location and wind direction below. Once a distance is plotted, you can drag the spill or right click the map to move the spill to a new location.
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  • If a fire is not involved
  • If a fire is involved
Wind Direction
Select the direction of the wind at your location.
Wind Rose Wind Arrow
Is the material involved in a fire?
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