CAS RN: 75-44-5

Major Uses

Phosgene is primarily used in the polyurethane industry for the production of polymeric isocyanates. Phosgene is also used in the polycarbonate industry and in the manufacture of carbamates and related pesticides, dyes, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, and isocyanates.
For the prepn of many organic chemicals; as a war gas
Intermediate, carbonylating agent
Production of aniline dyes
Large quantities of phosgene gas are required for numerous industrial syntheses, including the manufacture of dye-stuffs.
Phosgene is found in insecticides and fumigants. /Former use/
Organic synthesis, especially of isocyanates, polyurethane and polycarbonate resins, carbamates, organic carbonates, and chloroformates; pesticides; herbicides; dye manufacture.
Acid chlorination/phosgenation reagent
Used in the production of plastics, pesticides, and chemicals
Chlorinating agent, intermediate, for preparation of polymers.
In metallurgy, it is used to separate ores by chlorination of metal oxides.
Used as a warfare agent and regulated under the chemical weapons convention.
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