CAS RN: 76-06-2

Odor Threshold

Threshold odor concn: 1.1 ppm
Faint odor at 0.0073 mg/L
The odor threshold is reportedly 0.78 ppm for chloropicrin. Definitive exposure-response data for humans comes from sensory irritation studies conducted with human volunteers. More sensitive individuals exposed for 20-30 minutes reported chloropicrin concentration of 150 ppb (0.150 ppm) to be detectable as determined by notable ocular and nasal irritation. Exposure to 50 ppb (0.050 ppm) was reported as a No- Observed-Adverse-Effect-Level (NOAEL) for volunteer subjects (males and females; ages 18-35 years and including sensitive individuals).
Effects of various concentrations of trichloronitromethane in humans ...odor was detectable at 0.0073 mg/L (1.1 ppm); 0.002-0.025 mg/L (0.3-3.7 ppm) for 3-30 sec resulted in closing of eyelids according to individual sensitivity. /from table/
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