CAS RN: 76-06-2

NFPA Hazard Classification


Flammability: 0
Health: 4Instability: 3
Special: None

Health: 4 (Extreme)
Materials that, on very short exposure, could cause death or major residual injury, including those that are too dangerous to be approached without specialized protective equipment. A few whiffs of the vapor or gas can cause death, or contact with the vapor or liquid may be fatal, if it penetrates the fire fighter's normal protective gear. The normal full protective clothing and breathing apparatus available to the typical fire fighter will not provide adequate protection against inhalation or skin contact with these materials.

Flammability: 0 (Minimal)
This degree includes any material that will not burn under typical fire conditions.

Instability: 3 (Serious)
This degree includes materials that, in themselves, are capable of detonation, explosive decomposition, or explosive reaction, but require a strong initiating source or heating under confinement. This includes materials that are sensitive to thermal and mechanical shock at elevated temperatures and pressures and materials that react explosively with water. Fires involving these materials should be fought from a protected location.

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