CAS RN: 76-06-2

Cleanup Methods

Releases may require isolation or evacuation. Stop or control the leak., if this can be done without undue risk. Use water spray to cool and disperse vapors and protect personnel. Absorb in noncombustible material for proper disposal.
Environmental considerations: Land spill: Dig a pit, pond, lagoon, holding area to contain liquid or solid material. /SRP: If time permits, pits, ponds, lagoons, soak holes, or holding areas should be sealed with an impermeable flexible membrane liner./ /Chloropicrin (Toxic liquids, flammable, organic, NOS)/
Environmental considerations: Water spill: Use natural barriers or oil spill control booms to limit spill travel. Use natural deep water pockets, excavated lagoons, or sand bag barriers to trap material at bottom. Remove trapped material with suction hoses. /Chloropicrin (Toxic liquids, flammable, organic, NOS)/
Environmental considerations: Air spill: Apply water spray or mist to knock down vapors. Vapor knockdown water is corrosive or toxic and should be diked for containment. /Chloropicrin (Toxic liquids, flammable, organic, NOS)/
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