CAS RN: 76-06-2

Property Summary

Boiling Point:
    112 deg C at 757 mm Hg

Density Specific Gravity:
    1.6448 at 20 deg C/4 deg C; 1.6483 at 25 deg C/4 deg C

Melting Point:
    -64 deg C (-69.2 deg C corr)

Molecular Formula:

Molecular Weight:

    Miscible with most organic solvents, e.g. acetone, benzene, ethanol, methanol, carbon disulfide, diethyl ether, carbon tetrachloride
    Miscible with absolute alcohol; soluble in ether
    Miscible with acetic acid
    0.19 g/100 ml H2O at 20 deg C
    In water: 0.2272 g/100 mL at 0 deg C
    In water, 1.62X10+3 mg/L at 25 deg C

Vapor Density:
    5.7 (air = 1)

Vapor Pressure:
    3.2 kPa (24 mm Hg) at 25 deg C

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